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Managed Services are the future of IT. Managed Services allow businesses of all sizes to get a high level of IT expertise without having to absorb the cost of full time employees.

The last few years have seen our customers and prospects increasingly seeking to convert existing capacity-based relationships (staff augmentation, T&M contracts) to outcome-based 'managed services' relationships. The expectation clearly, is for Parishram to become a strategic partner, driving business growth and transformation, rather than remain a mere supplier of IT capacity.

What are Managed Services?

Managed Services can be generically defined as running a service for a customer by a vendor on the agreed outcome measured as Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a fixed price. Certain components of managed service (typically in the application development scenario) could be variable in nature and priced using hourly rate card. The service is managed by the vendor pro-actively with minimal management overhead of the customer. The service is applicable to applications, infrastructure or both.

Central Idea surrounding Managed Services

The key value proposition for Managed Services is to deliver 'predictable services at a predictable cost' with continuous improvements and proactive value addition.  The key benefit to customer is that it has to pay less for the same quality of service or gets a higher quality of service for the same price over successive years.

Managed IT Services from Parishram enable enterprises to focus on their core competencies, lowering the cost of managing IT infrastructure through improved productivity and operational efficiencies. It is a powerful combination that gives customers the most advanced IT capabilities while freeing up their resources for more strategic endeavors within their organizations. 
Flexible Service Delivery:  
Flexible service delivery and convenient service options are integral features of Parishram’s Managed IT Services. Customer can choose to select services options such as onsite, remote or a combination of the two. Parishram offers further flexibility in services to its customers by offering short-term and long-term agreement. This flexibility in services allows customer to choose the mode that best suits their business requirement.
Parishram currently offers Managed IT Services in the following areas: 

  • Datacenter Establishment
  • IT Facilities Management
  • Remote Management
  • Managed Security
  • System Integration
  • Infrastructure Optimization

The Parishram’s Advantage: 

  • Past experience in managing complex & business critical IT infrastructure
  • Ability to deliver globally 
  • Long-term sustainability and financial stability
  • Resource skills and certifications 
  • Best people and process practices
  • Scalability and flexibility in operations

 Business Benefits: 

  • Better control and efficiencies of scale 
  • Gain Insights into application performance and end user experience
  • Speedy transition and reduce dependency on manpower through automation
  • Access to proven expertise in BFSI domain
  •  Peace of Mind


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